The price of the sneaker that Black Coffee reportedly bought his friend left people speechless

The South African producer, Dj, and songwriter, Black Coffe is the talk of the town. This comes after he reportedly bought his friend one of the most expensive sneakers on the market. People were shocked by the price of these sneakers because artists have been struggling because of the lockdown, but clearly, Black Coffee wasn’t affected by the lockdown.




According to Musa Khawula, Black Coffe bought his close friend, Dogg DBN a pair of Nike sneakers, and these sneakers cost nothing less than R50K “Black Coffe gifts Dogg DBN a pair of sneakers worth R50 000” Reported Musa Khawula.Twitter users rushed into the comment section to react to the price of these sneakers. Many people were seemed quite shocked and speechless “Haibo 50K,” Wrote a Twitter. “My annual salary,” Wrote another Twitter user who was speechless. The price of these sneakers didn’t make sense to many Twitter users because they believe 🔥50K is just too much for just a pair of sneakers.