The Picture Is Trending On Social Media After People Noticed Something Embarrassing | See This

Most people will likely not see anything wrong with this picture below, because at first glance this looks like a normal picture showing a beautiful young lady that was taking park in a beauty contest, but upon closer inspection you will notice why this picture is trending on social media sites Twitter and Facebook.

The reason this picture is trending on multiple social media sites is because of the error on the beauty contest sash the young lady is wearing in the picture, the sash is saying ‘2st princess 2022’ instead of ‘2nd princess 2022’, and as you can imagine, South Africans were left dying with laughter after noticing this error, just look at how some people responded after seeing this picture…

“How do you pronounce 2st?”


“English was a free period”

“I wonder who came the 3st princess…”

“At least the model is happy about it 🤣😂😂”

“She was second to come first so its not 2nd it’s 2st because she was really close to being first but second 🙏😂”

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