The Passing Of Former Yo-TV & YFM Star Gets People Talking After Family Shares Preferred Pronouns

It is always hard for public figures who were introduced to fame at an early stage. Shows like Yo-TV who strictly cater for children gave birth to a number of stars. Many have went on to become household names while others struggled to keep afloat. It is always sad to learn about the passing of a public more especially in the level of someone who worked in this type of television.

This former Yo-TV star was able able to reinvest themselves and remain relevant in the industry. They moved from daytime television to radio. Many will agree that it isn’t much of a different as YFM is a trendy and youth driven station. They are also forward thinking in terms of the content. Many will agree that majority of the listeners are the same people who used to enjoy shows like Yo-TV at some point.




YFM took to social media to share the news of the untimely passing of Lumko Johnson Leqela. The station shared that they recieved the news on the 14th of September. Lumko was an accomplished figure in the entertainment space after working as a presenter and behind the scenes as a producer and writer.

“Lumko Johnson’s declared and respected gender pronouns were (They/Them). In all media communications the family requests that these are the pronouns that are utilized in reference to Lumko Johnson.”

The note that was made by the family was to ask the media and every mention of the passing of Lumko using the preferred pronouns. The family shared that they and them should be used in all reports. This led to a conversation on social media about gender pronouns and constantly changing dynamics.

The time was divided as many shared that the preferred pronouns should be respected, however others went on to use the gender specific pronouns. This sparked the debate, however we can’t ignore the fact that it was a request from Lumko’s family which means that this is something they would have liked.

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