“The only time I get the inner peace” said Caster Semenya, leaving fans mushy.

We love our children and everything that has to do with them but they are a lot of work. As much as we enjoy their company, we find peace when they are sleeping or at work. Which is why even make sure they are at school and on time.

Caster Semenya is an award winning marathon runner. She’s amongst some of the greatest runners in the world. She has inspired many young women and children to go for their dreams. Besides being a runner she’s also a mother to two beautiful girls whom she shares with her wife Violet.




She’s super obsessed with her daughters but she finds peace when the two are sleeping. She shared a cute picture of her, carrying them. The two girls are sleeping on her shoulders. In her caption she mentions how she finds peace when they are sleeping and we totally understand. They can be a handful especially when they are together.