The One Thing You Must Do Every Morning

Sleep is one of those areas of health that every man and his dog has seems to have an opinion on. Between how many hours we should get each night to the optimum moment in the day to go down – the world wide web is chockers with info on the topic and much of it, frustratingly, is conflicting. But there’s one aspect experts all agree on: the time you set your alarm in the morning is pretty darn important.

According to a new survey of over 1,000 people conducted by Mattress Inquirer, those who stick to a strict wake-up up time are far happier with their lives compared to those who are fast and loose when it comes to rising. To break it down for you: the respondents who got up at the same time every day reported being 13 per cent more satisfied with their personal lives, 45 per cent more satisfied with their financial situation and 43 per cent more satisfied with their work-life balance.

As to why exactly, the jury is still out. As the findings were based solely on self-reporting, the survey didn’t come with the in-depth statistical analysis you get with more scientific studies.

That said, previous research suggests that people who wake up earlier are more productive (which could explain the financial and work-life balance aspect.) Another study found that an irregular sleep schedule can wreak havoc on your health – increasing body fat and heart disease risk and decreasing good cholesterol levels. We can only assume this may also have an impact on the mental state too.

But one thing’s for certain, we’ll be skipping the snooze button from now on.