The Mcube three brothers popularly known as Sbusiso on Durban gen Sbonelo and Phelelane on Uzalo

Being on acting industry can require some talent and skill.But In the Mcube family it seem like was all sweet and simple as ABC.Due to the facts that they all talented and dedicated on what they know the best.


1.Ntando Mcube who is popularly known a Sibusiso on Durban Gen.Sibusiso is the older brother whom presented him self well in the acting field though he latter left Durban gen.






2.Followed by Wiseman Mcube who is popularly known as Sibonelo on Uzalo who play the big part and dominant on Uzalo

3.Lastly Omega Mcube best known as Phelelane who also appeared on Uzalo though fans didn’t notice him and Sibonelo are actually biological brothers,since they acted as enemies during Uzalo.

The three brothers truly support each other in everything as they also been spotted in so many occasions together according to pictures they post on social media.