The legendary Dj Dimples has died

ust within days after losing Dj Citi lyts and Riky Rick, Tumi Mooi notoriously known as DJ Dimplez has allegedly died this morning after fainting in his home, according to close pals. Today, the family will issue an official statement. More information will be forthcoming.

South African hip-hop has come to prominence thanks to DJ Dimplez and others’ relentless efforts. He is determined to get things done now that he has identified his passion, and he has not regretted changing majors while at Wits thus far. However, things took a turn for the worse when he was recently identified online in the middle of a rape scandal.

DJ Dimplez is a well-known DJ in South Africa. He has pushed himself to the pinnacle of his career with attention and tenacity since entering the music entertainment industry. He remembered his present stage name shortly before his first interview on Channel O. It was also nominated for the South African Music Awards’ Music Video of the Year.

Toomey was born in the South African city of Cape Town. His stage name is DJ Dimplez, and he is well recognized for it. What is the real name of DJ Dimplez? Tumi Mooi is his true name. At this time, there is no information about DJ Dimplez’s age, parents, or siblings. Despite the fact that nothing is known about his youth, he was born with a musical talent. He shifted from business studies to sports psychology during his time at Wits University. Because he believes that pursuing your passion is more essential than pursuing money.





DJ Dimplez began to hone his abilities since he enjoys the hip-hop genre. He joined the Wits DJ Society in the process, intending to get gigs at student parties and nearby bars. He went on to start the Pop Bottle Movement. DJ Dimplez says the idea came to him while he was arranging a birthday party.

After being involved in an alleged sex scandal involving a Northern Cape woman, South African hip-hop DJ Dimplez has now spoken out.

“I have seen many social media posts and allegations by Ms Mamdiarah ‘Kinky’ Diakoumpa,” DJ Dimplez, actual name Tumi Mooi, stated in a statement posted on his official social media website.

“I do not desire to raise this topic further on social media or any other public platform, on the advise of my legal representative.” I also lack the ability to do so because the appropriate authorities are in charge of this.”

The woman claimed she was pregnant with his child during a night at the Sandton hotel in the ongoing controversy.

Meanwhile, DJ Dimplez expressed gratitude to the many South Africans who had rallied around him after hearing about the news on social media.