The late AmaZulu captain Bongi Ntuli’s wedding with black

The late AmaZulu captain Bongi Ntuli’s wedding left some fans saying it looked like a funeral.

South Africa woke up to the sad news of Bongi Ntuli’s death, and there had been a lot of talk.

Many fans had been looking for him on the field scoring goals, but it seemed Bongi was not feeling well.
After the news of his death went viral, some fans went back to his Instagram account.

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Upon watching a video of Bongi Ntuli’s expensive wedding, some fans found it weird.

One fan shared his thoughts about Bongi’s wedding in the comments, and he looked fine.

“It looked more like a funeral, though. RIP😢”

Bongi Ntuli wedding funeral
Bongi Ntuli. image via Instagram @bongientuli7/
It seemed people have the colours that they expect at a wedding, and that was not what Bongi did.

The couple tied the knot on 9 September, and it was a happy day, as shown in the video.

Surprisingly, the wedding colour was black and that shocked some fans when they saw it.

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Usually, weddings come with brighter colours, while funerals typically go with black as their colour.

Upon seeing black as the theme colour for the wedding, some fans imagined that he knew of his death.

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Many fans came to Bongi Ntuli’s several posts, and his wedding video left some fans saying it looked like a funeral.





Some fans agreed with the perception raised, but some only wished him to rest in peace.

“Just yesterday, we spoke amongst ourselves regarding his lack of game time while watching the AmaZulu match.😢”

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“Sebethwale ngawe nawe ofucking bakaZungu. Cancer yamasimba. Marrying that witch was ur death wish”

Many other celebs like Siphiwe Tshabalala also penned heartfelt messages to the family.