The lady at the back stole Gogo Maweni’ s moment after people noticed this

What is Gogo Maweni’s deal, exactly? Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa is the place of her birth, and she has gone on to achieve fame as a doctor, consultant, social media influencer, entrepreneur, and TV personality. She has been accused of bewitching the fathers of her children into paying child support, and she has admitted to engaging in witchcraft. This article includes all the necessary information about the self-proclaimed sangoma, Gogo Maweni, and her herbal life business.

Users of social media are experts at filtering out uninteresting posts. If you post something on their wall and wait for feedback, they will make sure that no one notices.



There were a lot of people in Durban on Saturday for the annual July celebration, but as is usual at events like these, all eyes were on the celebrities who attended and what they were wearing.

Musa Khawula tweeted a photo of Gogo Maweni wearing a red outfit and bonnet, and she looked beautiful. We expected that, given the opportunity to flaunt her attractiveness, she would become the focus of everyone’s gaze.

A woman in the back wearing a black outfit stole the spotlight from Gogo Maweni. Whether this was done out of genuine curiosity for the woman or as an attempt to downplay Gogo Maweni is not made apparent

Users of social media are notoriously sceptical; if they have something against you, they will actively search out any favorable comments made about you and dismiss them as quickly as possible. Gogo Maweni did not need that because she was stunning as she was.