The incredible Thuso Mbedu with alot you can learn

The incredible Thuso Mbedu || today we take you to the journey of a Queen that does alot and is yet to be recognized by many.

We can affectionately say the rose of PMB🌹

Woman working Wednesday

Where she made a name for herself:check the list below where she gave us her talent.

We are proud of this woman that goes by the name of This Mbedu as she made it easy for other women out there to follow in her footsteps as she has done wonders in her career.










Only few people knew her name but the streets will never forget this hard working woman who made the whole South Africa proud. She is not only having a successful career but a life with less drama.

Thuso Mbedu career provide that will make you believe that only hard work pays. This must tell you that it does not matter where you come from but your goals will pave the way for you.

The streets of Pietermaritzburg is proud of such a young bwoman who seems to be making waves abroad and here in South Africa.

Thuso Nokwanda Mbedu rose to fame was when she played for the South African teen drama series ‘is’Thunzi’ that when her talent was hugely identified. She was nominated for international Emmy between 2017 and 2018.

This is to tell you that your goals are valid. Never give up life has something for you, you will make it to where you never thought you might be,you will change your situation at home.Be a strong woman no matter what life throws at you.