The former Yizo-Yizo actor is blessed with a Child.

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Ernest and Nana invite child kid!

Previous Yizo entertainer, Ernest Msibi, is another daddy.

His better half, Nana Zondi-Msibi, brought forth a child kid the week before.

Nana, who highlighted on the SABC1 unscripted TV drama, The Sovereigns of Mzansi, posted her significant other holding their infant kid on Facebook, which was trailed by messages of congrats.

She said she has satisfied her makoti obligations with a second kid in her marriage.


“I think two children in a marriage are sufficient. I’ve satisfied my obligations,” she said.

Despite the fact that she is glad to bring forth a solid child, she implied in her other post that marriage is difficult.

She stated: “Umshado is a pandemic. Complete exercise in futility. On the off chance that you truly do persuade requested to be a spouse later on, keep away from it with all due cost. Whoever said marriage was a gift, wayebhema insangu.”

In any case, virtual entertainment clients thought Nana is distraught in her marriage or there’s inconvenience in heaven.

Clearing this, Nana told Day to day Sun marriage isn’t pap and vleis, and that each marriage has its own highs and lows.

“There are times when all is well and looks great. In any case, there are those times when one wonders why they got hitched.

“That is the reason I said it’s a pandemic. I wasn’t discussing myself explicitly, however I was discussing marriage overall. Ladies mustn’t race into marriage due to status, they should consider every option prior to going into it,” said Nana.

Ernest added that he sees nothing bad about his marriage.

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“All things considered, we are a cheerful family. Be that as it may, it’s not dependably Christmas. We have our minutes as a team which is normal with each couple. However, I comprehend that Nana expresses her real thoughts at whatever point she feels like it,” said Ernest.

In one of the episodes of The Sovereigns of Mzansi, Nana uncovered that she met Ernest when he didn’t have anything while she had organizations.

However, she picked him over cash since he showed her unqualified love.

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Ernest and Nana welcome their bundle of joy.