The Famous Sangoma Has a Message For Kelly Khumalo, See What She Said

Kelly Khumalo’s name has been one of the most trending since last week. This is because of the ongoing senso meyiwa trial. It’s been years since Meyiwa was killed in front of many people, but there is still no concrete evidence of who killed him. This case has made many people hate Kelly Khumalo because they think she knows something about his murder.

Following the ongoing trial, there is a sangoma who wrote a message for Kelly Khumalo on social media. Prior to that, Kelly is undergoing a spiritual journey, so many people have been commenting on this sangomas post asking her what her take is on Kelly Khumalo’s implications on Meyiwa’s death.




She posted that Kelly Khumalo’s ancestors would not save her if she’s the one who pulled the trigger. She went on to say the spiritual world doesn’t get involved in illegal doings. After she posted this, someone asked if the ancestors could save her if she killed him by mistake. Gogo replied that if it’s a mistake, then they must tell the truth. This case is so confusing that even some experts don’t know what to believe anymore, but it seems like many people are convinced that Kelly knows everything.

You should be more aware of things that are said by Sangoma because those people can see things that we cannot see with our naked eyes and they say it indirectly. I believe that this sangoma has seen something and she is posting this as a warning to Kelly Khumalo that the ancestors won’t save her is she is lying. What are your thoughts on this case? Do you believe that Kelly knows who killed Senso? Comment below