the expensive lifestyle of Nomonde ‘Linda Mtoba’

 expensive lifestyle of Nomonde ‘Linda Mtoba’ from The River

The actress famously known for her role on Isibaya as Zama is a force reckoned with in the entertainment industry. The actress known as Mrs Husband by fans is a successful actress, momager and business lady.

Besides being an actress on the big screen, Linda is also successful in her other hustles. The actress manages her two-year-old daughter, who is a social media influencer and Huggies brand ambassador. Linda launched a kidswear clothing line called bean wear, which her daughter inspired.

Linda Mtoba's kids clothing line
Linda Mtoba’s kids’ clothing line-Image Source (Instagram)


Like most celebrities making it big in entertainment, this actress lives a luxurious life. Her life is marked by expensive exotic holidays with her white husband and daughter. Her husband is also a successful businessman, and he spoils his wife and child. Linda Mtoba is never caught in anything less than fashionable.

Linda Mtoba expensive trips
Linda Mtoba expensive trips-Image Source (Instagram)

Linda Mtoba cars
Linda Mtoba cars-Image Source (Instagram)

Linda Mtoba is a very private person who does not like to show off. However, her love for expensive cars is very evident in her Instagram posts. She loves classic cars too, and she has been behind the wheels of luxurious vehicles. In September this year, she was in the headlines after she bought her younger brother, who is 22 years old, a car. He could be seen crying as he had no idea about the gift as it was a surprise.

Linda Mtoba house

The actress has never shown off her whole house like some celebrities would do. But from the bits and pieces collected from Instagram, her house is a double-storey white house with a state of the art pool. The house screams luxury, and the inside of this luxurious dwelling is modern and with a wooden themed design.

As much as she is living the life that most people only dream of, Linda loves to give back. She has a bursary that is open to children from less privileged families who can not afford the basic need for education. The Linda Mtoba Foundation set up this bursary for primary school kids from grade 3 to grade 7.Next articles