The End: Buhle to die in Gomora

Johannesburg- Nothing is shattering than to find out that your daughter was alive all along as she was kidnapped by your worst enemy but what is worse, is discovering that when you found out that she is now dead.

No parent deserves to go through that, no matter what the circumstance. It is even worse for a mother who lost her first child and now she has to bury her second child while the wounds have not healed.

Some peole go to extreme lengths for revenge and do the worst thing ever.

That what happens on Mzansi Magic’s telenovela,Gomora as viewers were shocked to discover that their fan- favourite character Buhle, who has been missing for months was actually alive as she was kidnapped by Qhoqhoqho.

The worst thing he did is that he turned her into a prostitute after she ran away from home last season.




Qhoqhoqho is doing this as a revenge towards the Ndabas after Mam Sonto killed his son years ago, now he is avenging his death.

It is only a matter of time till her grandmother, Mam Sonto (Connie Chime) and Thati find out who kidnapped her and killed her.

In the TVSA August teasers, it is revealed that she will get killed after escaping from the brothel this week.

The actress, Ama Qamata, who plays the role of Buhle has been missing since season two after she ran away from home when she discovered that her stepfather, Phumlani (Buyile Mdladla), is a murderer.

The teaser of Thursday, 11 August says that Buhle gets a lift from a bakkie driver and it is not safe as she thought.

Although it is not clear from the tears who will kill her, it is predictable that Qhoqhoqho is the one responsible for her death as he has been wanting all along to avenge his son’s death.

On friday, 12 August, viewers will bid farewell to the actress when she gets a lift from a stranger and gets killed.

This is revealed in the August 12 teasers where it’s written: Buhle manages to get hold of Sonto, but her rescue mission ends tragically. Thati has the worst possible reunion with Buhle.

The teasers also reveal that Mam Sonto and Thati will kill Qhoqhoqho in revenge.