The Dots Are Connecting Nomasonto And Rosemary Will Be Caught And This will Happen

The story of Rosemary and Gugu has been dragging since it has started however it looks like its about to come to an end.

Rosemary and Nomasonto pretended to be Gugu so that they can marry Azwindini and eat his money once they are married.

Rosemary is the mastermind behind everything and she will be caught.



Vutshilo and Suzan has asked kgosi to hack their cellphones so that they can hear all their conversations.

Indeed they did find out the truth they have been willing to hear all along.

Turns out Rosemary and Nomasonto wants to eat all of Azwinidini’s Money.

But once vho Mkondeleli wakes up ,she will tell all the truth and they will be caught.

Please catch muvhango at 9 and see all the suspense as it goes down.

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