The Daily show host Trevor Noah hung out with familiar South African faces at the French open

The Daily show host our very own Mr Trevor Noah the guy who is raising the South African flag high in the United States of America with his remarkable brilliance in the world of comedy recently warmed our hearts with an adorably cool photo surrounded by fellow South African friends out at the French open.



Trevor is looking good than he has ever looked with an impeccable classic afro with a little bit of beared a new look from his usual clean shaven with a short hair .

Trevor is pretty much an export from the continent of Africa who is doing the most in North America and representing Africans through his excellency in show business and being a master at his respective craft.

Trevor Noah is at the pinnacle of his career as he continues to fill arenas all over the world when he does his comedy shows and he is also killing it as a host of the Daily show .

The sky is the limit for Trevor and he has proved to many in South Africa that hard-work does pay off.

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