The controversy over the children of the late Kwaito star Mshoza has escalated.

THE controversy over the children of the late Nomasonto “Mshoza” Maswanganyi has escalated. The dispute is between her sister, and her ex-husband who is said to be no longer visiting his children.

The dispute between Mshoza’s sister, Thandi Maswanganyi and businessman Jacob Mnisi is said to have started after the father of two children aged 11 and 13 took the children after the funeral of their mother.

He have not make means to make the children visits them for two years. Speaking to Solezwe on Sunday , Thandi said she last saw her sister’s children in 2020 when they buried her.



SHe said after the funeral they were picked up by their father who did not want let them go and visit their mother’s family.

“I do not understand why Mnisi does not want the children to visit us . I call him without finding him on the phone. He does not come back to me, which clearly shows that he does not want me to have a relationship with the children.

SHe added that since Mnisi took his children to the White River, it was not easy for her to get there because she could not afford to go there.

“I ended up only hearing the children on the phone as I decided to at least call them to find out how they were doing in life.

Contacted by Mnisi, he said he was puzzled why Thandi was running to the newspapers when she had her phone number.

“She was living with the children after her sister died. I took them because of the circumstances that forced me to fetch them. Mnisi said.

He said a lot had happened to his children that made him feel bad as he decided to keep them himself.

“Thandi knows I’m available on the phone. If I’m not available at the time I’m trying, she should think I’m busy. I’m currently planning a big boxing event in Mpumalanga,” said the businessman.

He concludes that he no longer understands or intends to raise money for Thandi as she struggles to get the children to visit her.

Mshoza died in 2020 after suffering from diabetes.

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