‘The best skin care routine is having money. Everything else is a lie’ – Media personality Khanyi Mbau

Over the years, SA celebrities have wowed many with their glitz and glamour, from fashion to youthful looks.

No doubt, several celebrities have left many puzzled with their youthful looks that have often implicated their age into the mix.





In the backdrop of the trends, Mzansi has often tried to connect the dots about their skincare routines that have seen several celebrities ageing like fine wine.

Well, it seems ‘Black does crack’, but many invest to keep up with their youthful looks and banging bodies.

Bubbly influencer and reality star Khanyi Mbau is topping trends after she revealed the best skin care routine that many celebrities wouldn’t tell their fans.

Khanyi Mbau skin care
Khanyi Mbau reveals the ‘best skin care routine.’ Images from Instagram@mbaureloaded

On Instagram, Khanyi Mbau shared a post revealing that money was the best skin care routine. Khanyi Mbau posted: ‘The best skin care routine is having money. Everything else is a lie.’

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No doubt her post has since gained thousands of comments and reactions since it dropped. Celebrities flooded her comments section with their two cents.

Many celebrities were more than convinced by her statement, while others jokingly took a swipe at the star for revealing the secret behind their youthful looks.

@yubazee commented: ‘Of all languages in the world, you chose to speak the truth!😂👏.’

@drcathysa posted: ‘Oh how I love you 🤣 I am going down fighting 💵.’

@kate_actress posted: ‘😂😂😂 typa content we should be paying for!’

@mrs.jojo.robinson commented: ‘True story😂.’

@_laconco commented: ‘Shuthi ngine Mali ke