The alleged fight is on between two artists fighting over Sugar-Sugar hit maker, Makhadzi


The fight is On between Two Artists fighting over Sugar Sugar hitmaker Makhadzi . This time African Queen Makhadzi caught in the fight between two artists who seems to have already had test of Sugar.

South African Venda Queen Ndivhudzannyi Ralivhona famously known as Makhadzi says, “she does not care if South African Abraham AKA Master KG SA Music and Vee Mampeezy from Botswana are fighting.






This follows the argument on social media between Abraham and Odirile. She posted on Instagram saying.

“Guys what’s wrong, can’t you see it’s heating. If you fight count me out because last week I counted myself out, when I was supposed to perform in Botswana. I knew what was going to happen and I decided to stay in SA.

So fight I am waiting for the winner, you Kagiso you owe me apology, you’re the reason why I didn’t make it to Botswana, RIKHOYO KWAMA.”


Are they fighting for her money or are they fighting for love? This is the most confusing thing that people are trying to understand. Two fully grown man fighting over Makhadzi, if you look at these guys they are a bit older than a lady in question and to see them fighting over her, it’s pathetic. It looks like they have seen how successful she has become.

You know everybody wants to associate with people that are making it in life. Where were they when she was still a nobody, when she was not traveling the world. Some of them you may even realise that they were once in a relationship with her when her profile was very low and they dump her. Today they see that she is making money and she is on the spotlight of the world, they want her back.

So it’s quite pathetic, it is very embarrassing, they are embarrassing themselves in front of the whole world and front of their fans. This is just uncalled for, we will just see how they are going to make peace afterwards, but peace is better in this case. There are so many women out there, so one of them has to be a big man and walk away from such a fight, it is not worth it.

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