Thato’s date night had people on social media with this to say

Thato is a former Big Brother mzansi season 3 contestant who made it past the top 10 in the show. Even though she did not win the show but she gained lot’s of love from the viewers of the show. She is now loved by people as she seems to be always trending with what ever she does.

During the show she also managed to find love, as she was in a relationship with one of the other contestant named Gash1. Both made headlines during the show as a lot of people loved seeing them together. People also named both of them Tash1, as they combined both Thato and Gash1’s names to come up with the name Tash1.




Recently Thato and Gash1 went on a date night and Thato posted some of the pictures of the date night on social media. People on social media were saying that Thato looks very beautiful in these pictures that she posted.

By clearly looking at these pictures you could see that both Thato and Gash1 looked beautiful in these pictures. Surely Thato and Gash1 had a lot of fun during this date that they had.

Here are some of the comments that people made.