Thank God Kaya fired me – Dineo Ranaka speaks out

Dineo Ranaka is excited about being axed by Kaya 959. The On-Air Personality was fired by the radio station in July after announcing her struggle with suicidal thoughts and chronic depression. Kaya cleared the air as regards the decision, but it birthed a new journey for Ranaka who launched S*x n Stuffs podcast.





Taking to Instagram on Monday morning, the star expressed gratitude over her depression meltdown. She understands herself better and she’s more organised.

“Remind me, who are you competing with again? NO ONE! Why do you care who’s criticising your journey? Why do you care who’s gossiping? Why do you care so much who says what? Focus is more important than intelligence so just FOCUS! Focus on YOUR day-to-day! Not anyone else’s but yours,” she captioned post. Dineo further encouraged people in business with her story.

“And whoever said Rome was built in a day? No one. To ALL my entrepreneurial fam, this business journey no balance that’s why it’s one foot in front of the other. It’s hard and your well-being will take strain but let me tell you something, if you’re willing to focus, isolate, work hard/smart, and reflect… you’ll be healthy. You’ll be ok.”