Teenage Pregnancy: Zanele’s mom admits she secretly put her child up for adoption

Teenage Pregnancy is a show on Moja Love is about three teenage girls. Their journey to figuring out how to go through life after falling pregnant yound is followed. Zanele is one of these girls and one of her struggles is an alcoholic mother.

This week she delved further into this mystery and left everyone shocked.

Zanele fell pregnant with her best friends baby. She initially struggled with his family but had since overcome. The biggest hurdle now is her mothers drinking problems. She is an alcoholic who as clearly using alcohol to avoid feeling any of the pain inside. All it succeeded in doing, was alienating her from her daughters.




This week she confessed to a rather dark secret. She apparently had an affair with a married man and borne him a child. He denied paternity, leaving her with little option but to choose adoption for herself. In choosing it, she gave birth at a taxi rank and her child was taken swiftly after. The circumstances seemed unclear but her grief was palpable.

Social Media Response

People felt really bad for Zanele’s mother.

One user wrote, “Zanele’s mother has admitted that she has an alcohol problem. She’s now willing to go to rehab to fix her relationship with her kids #TeenagePregnancy”

While another user wrote, “Zanele’s mother had another child after Zanele. She explains that she started drinking to forget about how they stole the baby from her☹️💔Ppl are so cruel. She is going through a lot #TeenagePregnancy” she was likely confused about the way the story was told to us. Zanele’s mother’s admitted it was a legal adoption.

A final user wrote, “Mama is hurting because of the baby she gave up for adoption hence drinking heavily #TeenagePregnancy”

I think that Zanele’s mother told a story of desperation and as such I couldn’t judge her for it. I couldn’t honestly be the one to give the last strike. Poverty is a real problem and it can make things seem worse than they are. She might regret her decision but maybe it was the best one.