” Tebogo Thobejane allegedly wrecked my marriage “, says SA popular media personality

According to Christians, marriage is a gift from the almighty God. For people in general, marriage requires hardwork, sacrifice and commitment, that’s their beliefs.

People’s marriages cannot be the same. What works for some might not work for others. This implies that two married partners have to try by all means to spot almost everything that is problematic in their marriage, because if they regularly have problems their marriage might not stand the test of time.

With regard to problems arising in a marriage, a well-known media personality named Lerato Kganyago is blaming the strip club owner and actress, Tebogo Thobejane for her failing marriage. She said that in a video she publicly shared online.

Lerato Kganyago and Thami’s marriage is on the rocks. The two have seperated acrimoniously, but have not yet filed for a divorce.



The reason why Lerato says Tebogo Thobejane wrecked her marriage is unknown, but does she really have to blame another woman for her sinking marriage?

If cheating is the cause of their marital problems, the person she needs to blame is her husband, not another woman.

Lerato and Thami were a “power couple” according to many of their fans. Little did they know was that behind closed doors a lot was going on.

The reason why you may think other people’s lives are perfect is because they show you only the good sides of their lives and not the bad things that happen behind closed doors. There’s a lot that happens behind closed doors that people won’t know about because their role models don’t usually publicise them.

If you want your marriage to work you have to respect and love your partner, be intimate with him/her and put in the sacrifices. Your wife/husband has to come first and others last. Many people often prioritise their friendships instead of their marriages.

Lastly, may God grant Lerato Kganyago and Thami strength to deal with all the problems they are facing right now in a civil manner.

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