Tamia Mpisane’s mother holds on to baby Miaandy in recent post.

It’s safe to say that children always replace us fast when it comes to our parents. There’s something about all of them and how they put us aside immediately they see their grandchildren. They start putting them ahead of us and we follow. Which is very cute and we understand.





Tamia Mpisane has to be the luckiest girl in the world. We might measure happiness differently but from where we are, she’s blessed. Tamia is married to rapper and chairman Andile Mpisane whom she has a daughter with. Tamia is not only adored by her husband but the family as a whole.

She seems to come from a good family as her mother is very hands on with her granddaughter. Just last days back she had gone to see her and again this week. Tamia’s mother shared a beautiful picture of her with Miaandy and we are obviously already. We love their Glamma and daughter bond already.