Tamia Mpisane’s mother gushes over her granddaughter Miaandy in recent post.

The phrase that says time flies when you are having fun, literally means that. Which is very true, you don’t notice the time and how it flies when you are enjoying yourself. It’s one of those genuine things that happen and they show that a person is enjoying themselves.





Tamia Mpisane has gained quiet a following. She’s always had a many followers but since getting married to chairman and rapper Andile Mpisane, she’s gained some of his followers. She’s a beautiful woman, who lives a very interesting life. It was only fair that they became curious about her.

She’s a new mother to a baby girl named Miaandy. Miaandy’s grandmother who goes by the name team skinny bae shared beautiful pictures of herself and Miaandy. From how she’s looking at Miaandy we know for sure that she’s smitten with her grandchildren. This Gogo is hot though, she’s too young to be a granny.