Tamia Mpisane struggles with going to gym and answers about buying a new body

Tamia Mpisane struggles with going to the gym. Mrs AM took to Twitter to share that she spent 2 hours laying in bed contemplating about going to the gym.

Tamia said that she had a fat mouth all weekend talking about how she can’t wait for Monday so that she could start working out. Tamia Mpisane then shared that she eventually got up and went to the gym however she said that she rushed back home to take a nap. Tamia said that working out is bigger than her.





A fan told her that she should just buy a body because she could afford it and she doesn’t have to suffer like the rest but Tamia said that she would rather take her chances with the gym again and if it doesn’t work out she would go for surgery. Let me know your thoughts in the comments section and don’t forget to like share and follow me for more entertainment.