Tamia Mpisane shares cute moment between her mother and daughter.

There are some people God just gave them everything. We are used to people not having it all but that was back them. Now people get to have their money, brains, beauty and happiness. Most of these people work hard for the things they have. Which is very inspirational.






Andile Mpisane is not just a mama’s boy, he is also a rapper and chairman of Royal AM. He has made a huge name for himself as a rapper, although fans have concluded that it is a hobby for him. But he enjoys rapping and entertaining his fans.

He is happily married to Tamia whom they recently welcomed a daughter named Miaandy. Tamia shared a picture of her mother holding Miaandy and we couldn’t help but notice her beauty. It’s quiet clear where Tamia got hers from. Her mother looks very young, she could easily pass as Tamia’s sister. We love how she’s looking at her granddaughter.