Tamia Mpisane shares beautiful video of her and baby Miaandy

Tamia Mpisane shared a superb video of her and her young lady to her Instagram page. Tamia Mpisane showed a slight bit of kid Miaandy’s face and she looks bewitching.

Tamia moreover looked amazing in her pink outfit. She in like manner was pushing a pink carriage. Kid Miaandy was wearing a Fendi playsuit. We basically can barely hold on to see kid Miaandy’s face, from the little that Tamia showed in her video, youngster Miaandy looks beguiling.






Tamia Mpisane’s video slices are so exquisite to see. Additionally, it seems like kid Miaandy is growing up so quickly. Tamia engraved her post and said “My optimal young woman”. On top of being a mother to this superb young woman Tamia was actually designated as the delegate chairlady of the Royal AM football ladies bunch. Take a gander at the photographs from Tamia and youngster Miaandy’s photoshoot and leave your contemplations in the comments region and make sure to like deal and follow me for more noteworthy redirection.