Tamia Mpisane shares a picture of their daughter Miaandy sleeping.

Every culture has a time period for when you should share pictures of your new born child. The same goes to the parents. Some even go beyond the required time before they can post their children on social media. Which we understand, social media can get too much and negative most of the time.





Andile Mpisane is a rapper, football player, chairman and former reality star. He is like a jack of all trades. The young chairman is the son of famous businesswoman Shawn Mkhize. He is happily married to his beautiful wife Tamia Mpisane. The couple welcomed their daughter a few days back. They named her Miaandy and gave her and Tamia a beautiful welcome home party.

The couple hasn’t shared a picture of Miaandy but thanks to them for being a people’s person, we got a glimpse of the princess. A friend of Tamia shared a picture of her and Tamia shared it as well. From the looks of it she took her mother’s colour. We can’t wait to finally see her.