Tamia Mpisane shares a cute moment of Andile with his and sithelos’ daughter Flo.

What most people fail to understand about life is the fact that, love is something that is foreign and no one can understand it. One thing that is clear is that you can’t say you love a person without loving every part of them. Every part of them includes children especially ones that you found them with.

Andile Mpisane is one of the youngest club owners in South Africa. He is the owner of Royal AM which is named after him. When he is not busy with owning a club and playing soccer, he is busy with his music. This year we even saw him performing in the USA amongst top rappers. 




He is also a father of three daughters. He has two with his ex girlfriend Sithelo Shozi and one with his wife Tamia Mpisane. Tamia shared a cute picture of him and his daughter Flo whom he shares with Sithelo. From how she shared the picture she must be fond of the little girl. One thing about her is that she has never commented on anything about her husband.