Tamia Mpisane leaves her fans wow with recent pictures.

Money moves the world around and no matter how much we might disagree, it doesn’t change that fact. When you have money things just happen and the thing with money is that it plays with money. It seems to be going to people who already have money.




It is a bonus when you have money and still remain humble because so many people are influenced by money. Tamia Mpisane is a chairwoman and businesswoman. One of Mzansi’s richest wives. Tamia just minds her own business and doesn’t bother anyone. She comes from a good family which made it easy for her to blend in with her husband’s family.

She shared banging pictures of herself in a black blazer dress. The look is completed by a black handbag and shoes. It is a simple look and she is rocking it so effortlessly. Her fans dished out deserving complementing. It has been a while since she posted.