Tamia Mpisane had complications during child labour. Read on to see what transpired.

A lot of celebrities who have been flaunting their pregnancy journey on social media have recently given birth and are enjoying the new mom journey. This includes the likes of Natasha Thahane, Dumi Mkokstad’s wife(Ziphozenkosi), Rihanna and so many more.

Tami Mpisane who has been recently welcomed into the Mpisane family through marriage has also given birth this week. She is the wife of the son of the famous MaMkhize, Andile Mpisane. After announcing and sharing their wedding pictures on Instagram, a few weeks later they shared pictures of her pregnancy and how excited they are to introduce and welcome a new member of the family.





Tamia Mpisane has successfully given birth but because she is asthmatic, she had complications during labour and she is currently kept in a private hospital for recovery. Her mother-in-law, MaMkhize has shared that she is safe and recovering as they are in support of her and showing her all the love she needs at this point.Tamia has also shared a picture of a meme in bed being helped by an oxygen to breathe but with also excited emoticons on the sides. This implies that she is still in hospital under machines to help her recovery but that does not hinder her from being happy about bringing a life on earth; it shows of how much she feels that being in a hospital bed at this point was worthy.