Tamia Mpisane frustrated after Miaandy dented her cake by grabbing and throwing her face on it.

Children have stages in life that they have to go through. It is very unlikely that a child will pass any stage. Yes, there are special cases when a child does but it is not always severe. Children are cute until they start grabbing things in their way and crawling. Unfortunately it is something that cannot be prevented.

Tamia Mpisane is the wide of rapper and chairman Andile Mpisane. She was announced as the chairwoman months back as the team now has a ladies club. She seems to love the position as she has made sure to support the players in their games and off.

Their daughter Miaandy is officially six months old. Tamia shared a cute family picture and got her a cake from the famous chef. The cake was a half one signifying the six months. Tamia revealed that Miaandy dented the cake while grabbing it and wanted to throw her face. She seems frustrated by the act but it is very cute.