Tamia Mpisane Drops A Bombshell On Her Instagram Story

Trouble in paradise?

Tamia Mpisane left her followers confused after she posted a picture which alluded to her husband stepping out on their marriage.

Tamia Mpisane took to her Instagram story to hint to infidelity in her relationship with Andile Mpisane.




The meme states, “Wenzani uMakhwapheni wenzani.” Which means, “What is my husband’s side chick doing.”

Any person who read that would immediately assume that Tamia is wondering what her husband’s girlfriend is doing. Basically, she has confirmed that Andile is cheating on her, and by the looks of things, she’s okay with it.

We wouldn’t put it past Andile to cheat, because he did that to Sithelo. This would be extra hurtful and heartbreaking to Tamia because she gave birth to there daughter, Miaandy Mpisane, one month ago.

While a lot of people believe, without a shadow of doubt, that Andile is capable of cheating on his pregnant wife. Some hope that Tamia was just joking.