Tamia Louw The Amazing pic of Andile Mpisane’s Wife

Just before the week the Kardashians of South Africa(Kwa MaMkhize) gave us more content as Andile Mpisane, who was beleived to be in a relationship with Sithelo, his baby mama, has a bride to be. Andile Mpisane’s wife to be is a model, Tamia Louw.

Most people are still curious of who exactly is Tamia, how she looks like and what are other interesting things with her. Well if you have these questions, this article is perfectly fine for you.

Tamia Louw is a 25 year-old super talented model. She currently has more than 100K followers on her instagram where she shared her pictures.

One of the most apparent things from her instagram account is that she is a super fan of sea foods. Tamia also likes traveling and is an enthusiastic person.

Well as previously stated that in this article we will be looking at her pictures that went viral. Take a look at the snaps below of the beloved Andile’s wife.


It is clear that Andile has a good taste when choosing who to be in a relationship with. Remember that Sithelo was also beautiful as Tamia.