“Takes a real mother and real woman” Sithelo Shozi applauds Sonia Mbele. Is she trolling Mamkhize?

Sometimes you relate to people when they have been through the same thing as you. If a person hasn’t walked a mile your shoes, they are most likely to judge than understand. That’s why most people who have experienced the same thing are most likely to get along.

Sithelo Shozi is a dj and content creator who lives a luxurious lifestyle. The dj has been causing a frenzy on social media with her posts and we are here for them. Her strong come back comes after she came back from Turkey for her BBL. 





The award winning DJ applauded actress and television producer Sonia Mbele, on how she handled her son’s abuse story. The actress released a statement where she told South Africa that her son will take responsibility for his actions and may the law take it’s cause. Sithelo shared the post, calling her a real mother and woman. 

She is applauding her because her baby daddy’s mother Shawn Mkhize, did the opposite of what Sonia is doing.