Take a look at the pictures of DJ Sbu in real life

Source: https://www.tvsa.co.za/actors/viewactor.aspx?actorid=4500

Sbusiso Leope is one of the most successful South African DJs, artist, Motivator and also a businessman.

Even though his real names are Sbusiso Leope, however, his stage name is DJ Sbu. There were rumours that he is also Mzekezeke, however, he never confirmed those rumours.

DJ Sbu was born in Tembisa. He grew up in the Gauteng township up until he obtained his matric certificate.

What has been trending about him over the years is that he is thr founder of Mofaya. Mofaya is one of the popular energy drinks around the country.



DJ Sbu started it from scratch years ago. However, it is now doing good and is found in big supermarkets around the country.

The South African artist celebrated his 45th birthday few months ago. He actually celebrated it on the 28th of May, which is just over three months ago.

Take a look at the pictures of DJ Sbuh below: