Super Crescent Moon Nails Ideas 2019


So the French tip is usually when you paint a different color on your nail tips. Usually the base would be cream, pale pink or clear polish. Then the tip is usually in white though variations and styles have evolved playing with different colors and with different accessories. The Crescent Moon on the other hand, is quite similar to the French tip, only you would be accenting the part of your nail that looks like a crescent moon or known as the lunula.The thing with the Crescent Moon Nails however is that it’s not really necessary to follow the shape of your lunula. Rather, you’d be following the shape of your cuticles. Don’t worry as we’d definitely have lots of inspiration down below.

Black nail polish has always been very elegant. But if you make it a black matte nail polish and then a metallic gold crescent moon nail? You can walk the red carpet now.