Summer Tropical Summer Nail Designs 2019

Summer is already here and we can almost smell the beaches and feel the strong breeze of the seas. This season not only encourages us to get out and explore, it also defines the fashion that certainly makes the world even hotter.

Nail designing always jives along on what is in and what is trendy and for this season, one of the most obvious themes would be the Tropicals. Summer in the Tropicals is what we call true summer. It is where the sun shines the brightest and the beaches are the sexiest. Tropical summer nail designs are represented mostly by palms, shells, and the sun. Some designs also showcase tropical flowers, ferns, and fruits. Using vibrant colors is the main criteria of the game and glitters could also be good addons




Feel refreshed with these sexy and hot tropical summer nail designs we found over various social media accounts, prepared by travel junkies who are very excited in jumping into the open sea the moment they step out from their daily routines.