Stop Hugging And Shaking Hands With People || Kelly Khumalo Warns Mzansi

Kelly Khumalo just dropped a powerful statement leaving people touched and more emotional. She is a South African popular musician who has been in the industry for a long time. She is also a reality TV star who has gained the love of many people all over the country. She has been said to be one of the top loved celebrities in South Africa. Although people tend to judge her and attack her she continues to be strong. A week ago she was attacked for perfoming gospel songs while not dressed fully.People had revealed that the way she dresses is a disgrace to the gospel field and they want her to dress appropriately.





There was tension because of this as people kept on saying that she should rather stop singing gospel songs. She responded to people’s comments and revealed that there is no one who will tell her how she should live her life. She is known as a fearless and strong woman who does not take people’s opinions about her serious . A video that she posted left people drowning in a pool of tears. She has warned the public to avoid hugging people and shaking hands with them.She is more focused on seeing people being happy in their lives.

She warned the public to stop sharing their plans with everyone and to refrain from shaking hands to avoid getting negative energy. Her message touched so many people and opened their eyes. Many people get to be depressed just because of the individuals that they spend time with. Spending a time with a person means sharing energy amongst each other. She has warned people to refrain from being intimimate with anyone who comes in their lives. Hundreds of people commented on her post revealing how touched they are.They have thanked her sharing such information that will be helpful in their lives.

Cutting off toxic people in your life is really important and people need to normalize spending their time with individuals who give them positive energy. Most importantly she has urged people to get both medical and spiritual help so that they can see their lives going smoothly. She ended her statement by advising people to keep on praying all the time. What is your take on this matter? Share your views on the comment section and follow for more news.