‘Still l stand’: Zenande Mfenyana tells how she went through hard times

South African actress Zenande Mfenyana tells how she overcame hard times.

A few days ago, the talented actress shocked fans after she posted shocking news on Twitter.



Zenande Mfenyana said that she had lost her son and was asking questions to God.

The news surprised many fans as they did not get to see her pregnancy.

A few hours later, she deleted the Tweet and spoke of the social trolls.

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She was taking from her Tweets; it’s easy to note that Zenande had not been in the most pleasant time of her life.

Even if she was still in them, at least she dared to speak about it publicly.

Speaking about losing a son, Zenande looked depressed and hurt.

“In the honour of my son” 🥹💔 I have so many questions Lord, coz this really hurts 🕊️”

Zenande Mfenyana hard times
Actress Zenande Mfenyana. Image via instagram @zenandemfenyana
As many say, music defuses tension and can take people through different phases in life.

Whether in rejoicing, mourning or any situation, music has proved helpful.

It’s nice to imagine that Zenande also found her strength in one of the gospel songs.

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The talented actress spoke of her most challenging years and how she went past them.

This song got me through one of the most challenging years of my life, Still l rise, Still l stand”

Whether or not this year was her most challenging, only Zenande knows, but the good thing is that she knows the song can make her through.

The song she referred to is Ncebakazi Msomi’s hit song Ukufezwa Kwamadinga.