Stephanie Ndlovu speaks about taking a break from alcohol

Everyone always speaks about how bad alcohol is but most never really take a moment to quit drinking it. In a recent episode of her YouTube channel, Stephanie Ndlovu spoke about the fact that she has taken a break from alcohol. She said, “For the past four months I haven’t had alcoholic beverages. One of the reasons had to do with health. I’ve been on this weight loss journey. I found that when I had a drink it seldom ends at one glass of wine and then when you convert all those calories it goes to a bit of a binge weekend, so I was just like, this is not helping me in any shape or form. But it’s not the main reason.”




Stephanie said while she was adjusting to the new lifestyle, she was proud to have made it this far and see it positively affect her weight loss journey. She isn’t sure she will stop drinking forever but her followers were just as proud and also shared their journeys of quitting alcohol in the comment section.
@roselineuiras8603 wrote, “This hit home for me. It’s very important to sit with oneself to ask the important questions.”

@sithuthuklezama8744 wrote, “Great one! I think I want to actually start and be consistent with my hobbies. I have a tendency to isolate myself and eat a lot of junk. Having good hobbies and habits.. can change one’s health and wellness. I’m game for the journey! Thank you Ndlovu’s!!!”