Springboks fan’s wild rugby reactions break the internet

A viral video featuring South African social media sensation @Kabelogp has taken Instagram by storm, showcasing the wild rollercoaster of emotions that sports fans often experience, especially Springboks fans.

The video, shared by @southafriworld, captures @Kabelogp watching the semifinal rugby game between South Africa and France, and it’s a spectacle you won’t want to miss.The video kicks off with @Kabelogp eyes glued to the television screen. As the game intensifies, so does his excitement and anticipation.


He can’t help but let out exhilarated screams, cheering for the South African national rugby team, the Springboks. His reactions are nothing short of priceless, and he embodies the passion and spirit of South African sports fans.One particularly memorable moment in one of his other viral videos sees @Kabelogp standing on his furniture as if his energetic vibes could somehow influence the Springboks and the outcome of the game.

With every kick, pass, and tackle on the screen, he’s right there with the Springboks, offering encouragement and guidance, much to the amusement of his online audience.

The reactions to this hilarious video have been pouring in, with many viewers sharing their own experiences and thoughts. Some suggest that @Kabelogp and his wife should be taken to France to support the national team in person.

Others express how they’d rather watch games with him than their own families, as he makes it an unforgettable experience. Some even humorously lament the fate of his furniture.