Sphe Moroka on Generations The Legacy See her photo

Noxolo Monama, a 28-year-old actress, plays the part of Sphe Moroka, a princess from the Cele clan who is married to the powerful Moroka house heir Mazwi Moroka, played by Musa Ngema.






Sphe Moroka is an actor, fitness enthusiast, and movie director in real life, rather than the medical doctor she portrays on Generations. She graduated from the University of Pretoria with a Bachelor’s Degree in Film and Drama Studies.

On Generations Noxolo Monama plays Sphesihle Cele – Moroka the princess of the Cele clan and daughter to Jack Mabaso, married to Mazwi Moroka in a bid to join the two most powerful families through an arranged marriage. In her arranged marriage Sphe endures a lot including dealing with a sterile husband and forced to bear children with Smanga Moroka, her brother-in-law, leading to the birth of her daughter Rorisang Moroka.