“SPEED RECOVERY” Messages Pour In For Boity Thulo

“Removed all 4 wisdom teeth yesterday. Couldn’t have picked a worse time to do it. While everyone has delicious pickled fish and yummy salads, I’m stuck with soup and oats for the weekend.” Boity Thulo said.

Wisdom teeth are our final set of 4 molars which comes out around the age of 17-25. Due to lack of space in the gums or jaws to accommodate wisdom teeth, they happen to not come out properly, therefore this causes oral health issues. Hence they end up removed.

Some people remove them one by one because of not being strong enough to handle the pain of having them removed at once. But rapper Boity Thulo had hers removed at once.

Boity Thulo was on a journey of having her teeth cleaned and well taken care of by her dentist Dr Smile Lex Leo. Yesterday Boity revealed that she decided to have all of her four wisdom teeth removed at once. That shows that her relatioship with her teeth was intense, they were causing her so much pain hence she had all if them removed.

As a celebrity, her fans and followers are so concerned about how she’s been and how she’s feeling. Fans have been sending her speed recocery messages and sympathizing with her since shes enduring pains that comes with removing teeth.

“Better to do it once and get it over with. Can’t keep going under for a tooth. GA freaks me out. Haaikhona.” Boity Thulo said when asked why she chose to remove them all at once.