South Africans were left in awe after DEBORAH FRASER’S friend said this about her

People in South Africa were stunned when Deborah Fraser’s companion paid respect to the late gospel diva by mentioning the moments they spent together. In her rambling eulogy, she said she was Dr. Fraser’s best friend who knew all about her issues, implying that she was one of his most trusted confidantes. However, this was not the focus of the public’s attention.

While Dr. Fraser treated her as a friend she could confide in about her problems, she pointed out that she was the one who partied with Dr. Fraser in the back of the room. However, this was not what drew the attention of the general public.

Ebony Ngcobo, another buddy, recalled drinking sessions with the late Dr.

Other people’s thoughts are also worth a look:

Ngcobo was referring to their youth together in one of the replies, which clarified that context was crucial.

South Africa’s music and entertainment industries are mourning the loss of one of their own. Due to a stroke, the great Dr Deborah Fraser passed away in May 2022 after more than 50 years in the gospel music industry.

Fans throughout the country were able to see Dr. Fraser’s funeral on television. They were able to share in the family’s grief digitally. She was laid to rest with a high degree of respect and her family, including her children, did their best to honor her memory.

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