South Africans laugh at Zimbabwean names, but Makhadzis’ name is Decorate.

On Twitter, a man called the Instigator posted and said that South Africans laugh at Zimbabwean names, but Makhadzi’s name is Decorate. His post went viral on social media, as many different people reacted in many different ways to what he said. Big Ndunu said that in Zimbabwe, 99.5 percent of the names are Tube, Look, Agreement, Loveness, Trymore, Connection, Director,


Stop, Delivery, Strive, Next, and the likes of Lovemore. He said that in South Africa, there are Tsongas and Venda, accounting for about 2% of the funny names, and they cannot compare the two! Ellnet told him not to lie and that Makhadzi’s name is Ndivhudza “Makhadzi.” “Makhadzi is her stage name, and the meaning of Makhadzi is that she is their “ragadi,” and she said that they have paid him very well. They said that Shonas and Vendas are the same people, but deeper down, they also said that he will see those two Mpimpis too much in work environments.