South African stars Kabza De Small and Thuli P meets at the Sun Arena in Times square

Many South Africans were at the Sun Arena in Times Square and many of them have experienced what it feels like to be there. It is something that comes from South Africa and they have managed to pull it off in another country, especially at Times Square. One of the most famous places you can find in the country is the Times square. That is why it is loved by a lot of people.

It was a beautiful event that was held there, and many South Africans who had the opportunity to be there could not miss it. They were all there as they had attended and with their fashion. Everyone was looking stunning, and they would want to appear the least out of place in the world. It is an international event for them and they had to come up with something huge.



Many people have been given the opportunity to do something else amazing with their lives and they have chosen the lifestyle of being in entertainment. Even though one of South Africa’s stars did not get a wonderful reception from the crowd, Moonchild had a bad audience as the people were just looking at her while performing.

It is something you were not expecting to happen, but it has. Other South Africans also had a good night. The flat response from the audience has gained momentum from Pretoria in Propaganda when Andile Mpisane was performing. And the sad part is that her mother also received a bad recognition when she was on the red carpet.


It is wonderful for the people who have been there and it is something that South African musicians are expecting. It does not happen to anyone, but for those who did, it is wonderful. On his podcast, MacG talked about how it was great, even though Zakes Bantwini and Cassper Nyovest could not be part of the beautiful Sun Arena in Times Square.