South African musician buys a car for himself. Many people did not know he is an artist

Slade upgrades his lifestyle to be on the road by buying a new car for himself. But then others did not congratulate him straight for being able to buy a car for himself. He is one of the artists who is well known in the music industry, and Musa Khuwula brought the good news that he has bought himself a beautiful car.


But then other people have been congratulating him even though they are not aware that he is a musician. Buying a car for himself is a wonderful way to congratulate someone, whether you don’t know that person or not. There are many other people in the music industry who are doing very well for themselves.

But they are DJs who are not as famous as people would expect them to be. DJ Hyena is a DJ who travels around the world with a musk on all the time, and he is not as well-known as other DJ’s. It is not a surprise that Slade is able to buy a car while he is known to the public. Nowadays, you can be an artist and remain unknown as you will become successful with your projects.




There are music producers that are not famous but successful. They don’t want to have the spotlight on themselves, so they have decided to remain unknown and famous. Since they are aware of him, he would become known, and with Musa Khuwula, it is a huge moment to become well known further to those who did not know him.

They are also surprised as to why artists like to buy big cars while they have an opportunity to buy a small vehicles. For them, they travel around the country a lot and a bigger vehicle would handle the huge travel trips to gigs. It is a good decision because it is better and they will have time to rest on the road because the vehicle is spacious.