” South African celebs dress ugly ” People On Social Media Say After Seeing Durban July Outfits

From time-to-time, celebrities in the South African entertainment industry go all out when it comes to attending events, especially when they have a certain thing that they want celebrities to dress for. It is something that gets people talking every time that these celebrities dress up, and yesterday was the same case because it was the Durban July event. The Durban July event is mostly an event for horse racing but also a form of entertainment for the people who go there to attend.

And mostly, celebrities are invited each year to dress according to a theme that has been shared with them by the Durban July event organisers, and this year’s theme was “Show me the honey”. When the event started yesterday, many South African celebrities appeared at the Durban July event. The rest, according to what they think, the theme was reversed, but after the pictures surfaced on social media, many South Africans on Twitter were impressed by what they saw.


And it seems like this is something that happens quite often where South African celebrities do not follow the theme of an event and are unable to dress for the event, and each and every time, citizens are left unimpressed by the inability of the celebrities in the country to dress. The Durban July event dress code was another one where people will live talk about how many of the celebrities who attended the event wore ugly designer outfits. Only a few of them looked beautiful.

Many of the citizens on social media also made a mockery of the celebrities whose outfits were extremely ugly, and they stated how they felt about these outfits. Here are pictures of celebrities who many believe totally misunderstood this year’s Durban July theme and wore hideous outfits. What do you think of them?